I don’t even love him, I’m only here because I have no where else to go

I don’t even love him, I’m only here because I have no where else to go

My husband is beginning his life of sobriety. I moved out 8 months ago and want to know if there is any recommended amount of waiting time before I move back home.

He has been clean at points in our relationship but he’s always been a mean and nasty person

Josh, I thank you kindly for establishing this blog and providing dialog. Because I haven’t found anyplace that discusses alcoholic wives, I am going to post here. My wife of 9 years has finally admitted to being an alcoholic. She is a vibrant, beautiful person, perhaps the kindest soul I’ve ever met. I’m very familiar with her troubled childhood and her toxic family, a situation that she is attempting to develop boundaries around. Header than it sounds, to those who know. Now that she’s a mommy to our 3 y.o. Daughter the stressors seem to simply be heaped too high. I am doing everything I can to assist in her recovery, giving her time for AA meetings, therapy, and sitters (thank God for a good sitter). I am trying to reduce my now chronic anxiety about our station by working out as often as possible (I love to work out, thankfully) and telling myself that her alcoholism is not my problem. That second bit is hard. I have my work cut out, and so does she. Peace be with you, Eric


I was like obsessed and in love with him

I’m sitting in bed now crying and so full of hatred towards my boyfriend of 7 almost 8 years. Wasted years of pain and misery. I’m dependent and needy and can’t stand the thought of being alone. He admits it and tells me to leave yet when I have in the past he begs me to come back. I am stuck here now, full of mounting hatred for an alcoholic who cares more about his dead dog and stuffed animals more than me. Im bitter and hate myself for being so weak and pathetic and want to just end my life. I have no friends and have no desire to make any. What kind of person stays with someone who has threatened their life and done do many horrible crimes to them? I was doing so well, working and getting healthy but his drinking is getting worse and he’s becoming more heartless everyday. I used to cry and hurt myself, now I want to hurt him. I will throw a party the day I leave, and I won’t ever come back, I can’t wait until I can finally kick him out of my life.

My name is Jessica. I am 29 years old. I have a young daughter. I have been married to my husband for 3 years, but known him for 10 years. I knew he had a drinking problem, but when I met him I wad 18 and he was 34. I really started to like him after a while. He did things that would hurt me over the years, but I would always turn a blind eye. I felt that he was my soul mate. I just wanted to be with him. I always thought with my heart and not my brain. The obsession, and soul mate outlook about him vanished a little after we got married. He is a mean, nasty human being. He makes fun of me. He is heartless and selfish. I feel as many do that I have to walk on eggshells around him. Also like many others I have love for my husband when he is sober. I have multiple sclerosis and things at times can be very difficult. He has put his hands on me. He has turned me into his monster because when he puts his hands on me I fight back now. I never did that before. I hate being around negative people. He is extremely negative. He always has comments to make, and it doesn’t always have to be about me. He says things about everybody. I just so tired of the nonsense. I want to leave at times but he had threatened to kill me, and also because of my illness I have to have health insurance. I just need support. Where can I go for that?

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